Mato Marlais - In memoriam

As time goes by, the memory of the late Mr. Mato Marlais will diminish among his few contemporaries, and with today's "next generation" of Tankerska Plovidba he will probably remain at a level of simple biographical and historical credentials....

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Capitan Milan Grbić: How we saved Cuban fisherman who started losing hope that they will ever be found

Crew of the TNG's tanker "VINJERAC" under the command of Capt. Milan Grbic, rescued five extremely exhausted and wounded Cuban fisherman between Cuba and Panama on 8th of February 2016. The fishermen aged 27-35 years, previously... Crew...

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Interview with the founder of Tankerska Plovidba

Interview with Mr. Ivan Paša, the founder of the Tankerska Plovidba "Zadarski list" in its edition from May 20th 2010 published an interview with Mr. Ivan Paša, the founder of the Tankerska Plovidba. The interview in its...

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