Social responsibility

Social responsibility at Tankerska Next Generation Inc. means much more than just compliance with legal regulations of the countries we are operating in, it includes business standards that are set much higher:

Tankerska Next Generation Inc. seeks to increase the standards of social development and environmental protection, and respect for human rights in each region in which it operates. We believe that by operating this way we strengthen economic and social cohesion on local, national, and global levels.

We don’t consider our responsibility only through the relationship with our employees, but also in relations with all other stakeholders which our business could have an impact to, and vice versa.

Socially responsible practices include investing in technologies like ECO design ships which minimize the negative effects on the environment. By investing in the education of our employees, and into their in working conditions, we are promoting the safety of our employees, not solely to contribute to the productivity of our Company, but also to contribute to social welfare of all the regions in which we operate by promoting of such standards in our operations.

With responsible behavior in employment and non-discriminatory practices we want to contribute to achieving the objectives of the European employment strategy, and to reduce unemployment while fighting social exclusion of certain groups. Tankerska Next Generation attaches great importance to the respect and protection of the basic principles of diversity decreed in particular by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We are aware that our social responsibility extends beyond our company into the local community, and Tankerska Next Generation wants to contribute to the community not only through the payment of taxes or by employing its people, we are aware that our company depends on the stability, prosperity and health of the community in which we operate.

Tankerska Next Generation operates in international shipping market and as such affects the global environment. With continuous investment in technological improvements we want to reduce the negative effects of our operations and to help in achieving sustainable development. In addition to technological innovations of our fleet, we try to reduce the environmental impact with rational use of resources, reduction of emissions to the air, sea, water and soil, and with responsible waste collection and recycling.