Tankerska Next Generation is provided with commercial, crew, technical and administrative services by Tankerska Plovidba according to the Management Agreement. The crew on TNG's vessels is recruited from a pool of experienced seamen from Tankerska Plovidba and the selection process is done according to Tankerska's high standards.

Tankerska Plovidba believes its crew is its greatest asset. Highly qualified, they pride themselves on being team players who are motivated and dedicated to the company. The crew is homogeneous, mainly recruited from Zadar and its region with its tradition of seafaring. Most of them have worked on Tankerska plovidba's vessels throughout their careers - against a world average of four years with any one company. Most of the crew on board graduated in Zadar's Nautical high school and the Zadar Nautical College. They frequently serve on the same teams, knowing their colleagues and the ship's operations thoroughly.

Tankerska plovidba employs up-to-the-minute technology to ensure efficient, safe and environmentally friendly operations. Technology is only as good as the people who operate it. They make sure that all staff is kept up-to-date with constant training and education. We also work closely with shipyards on our new buildings and believe in sharing our many years experience of the industry with the builders and engineers. We only work with shipyard which can achieve the highest standards of shipbuilding.

If you are interested in working on Tankerska Next Generation vessels please fill in the job application form on the following LINK.