Culture and values

The corporate culture of Tankerska Next Generation

is very much a product of Tankerska Plovidba 60-year tradition, reinforced by the presence of a long established maritime training college in the region, from which the majority of the company's seagoing personnel are recruited

Tankerska Next Generation cherishes these values in managing the company:

  • long-term perspective
  • stability
  • quality
  • respect for business partners
  • care about people
  • long-term investment
  • care for the environment
  • innovativity
  • loyalty
  • social responsibility

Code of corporate governance of Tankerska Next Generation

In its operations Tankerska Next Generation applies the provisions of this Code in order to establish the highest standards of corporate governance and business transparency in order to facilitate access to the capital, and due to the fact that managing according to clearly defined procedures of corporate governance, based on recognizable international standards, is one of the basic criteria for investment decision making.

The aim of this code is good and responsible management and control of business and management functions of joint stock companies, which will protect the interests of the investors, and other stakeholders.

The basic principles of this Code are:

  • business transparency,
  • clearly defined procedures for the operation of the Supervisory Board, the Management Board and other bodies and structures making important decisions;
  • avoiding conflicts of interest,
  • efficient internal control,
  • effective system of accountability.

Any interpretation of the provisions of this Code should be guided primarily by adherence to the principles and achieving the stated objectives.

Code of corporate governance can be downloaded on the link below (Croatian only for the moment).