Invitation to the General Assembly of the Company


Pursuant to Article 277, paragraph 2 of the Companies Act, the Management Board of the TANKERSKA NEXT GENERATION shipping joint stock company, with registered seat in Zadar, Petranovića No. 4 (hereinafter: the "Company"), has on June 8th 2017 rendered the decision on the convocation of the General Assembly, and hereby invites the shareholders of the Company to the GENERAL SHAREHOLDERS’ ASSEMBLY of Tankerska Next Generation Inc

which will be held on August 1st 2017 at 11:00 hours at Tankerska Next Generation headquarters, Božidara Petranovića 4, Zadar with the following agenda:

1. Opening of the General Assembly, establishing the present and represented shareholders attendance list;
2. Annual financial reports for 2016 together with the Independent Auditor’s report, annual report on the status and operations of the Company for the business year 2016 and the Supervisory Board report on the conducted supervision of Company’s operations in the business year 2016;
3. Decision on the profit distribution;
4. Management Board liability discharge for the business year 2016;
5. Supervisory Board liability discharge members for the business year 2016;
6. Appointment of the auditor;
7. Decision on the amendments to the Articles 16.1. and 45.1. of the Articles of Association;

The complete Invitation to the General Assembly with all related materials can be found below:

    Invitation to the General Assembly

    Annual report

    Supervisory board's report on the conducted supervision of company's operations

    Application form

    Power of attorney