First assembly of new Supevisory board held

At the Annual general meeting of Tankerska Next Generation Inc. held on 21 August 2015, a new Supervisory Board was appointed. Messrs. Ivica Pijaca, Nikola Koščica, Andrej Koštomaj, Joško Miliša and Mario Pavić were appointed members of the Supervisory Board for a four year term starting from 21 August 2015.

Messrs. Ivica Pijaca, Nikola Koščica and Mario Pavić are appointed representatives of the majority shareholder, and Messrs. Andrej Koštomaj and Josko Miliša, as financial industry experts, are appointed representatives of the shareholders which participated in the capital increase of the Company.

At its first session the Supervisory Board elected Mr. Ivica Pijaca to the duty of the Chairman, and Mr. Andrej Koštomaj as Deputy chairman.