Announcement that the public sale of Company’s shares is closed

Tankerska Next Generation d.d. (''TNG'' or ''Company'') announces that the public sale of Company’s shares which started on 26 January 2015 and lasted until 5 February 2015 is closed. With this announcement TNG publishes information as required by the Prospectus dated 8 December 2014. All capitalised terms and definitions have the meaning given to them in the Prospectus.

In the public offering were received altogether 3,384,879 applications for purchase of shares. According to the number of applications received in the trading book in the Institutional Offering and the number of applications received in the Retail Offering and Share Swap Offering the Selling Shareholder has determined that the number of Offer Shares amounts to 2,800,000. Since the total amount of the received applications substantially exceeded the number of Offer Shares the Selling Shareholder issued an order to the Global Coordinator to over-allot 400,000 Offer Shares. The Global Coordinator effected the over-allotment of shares in the amount of 400,000 Offer Shares above the total number of the Allocated Offer Shares of 2,800,000 shares.

The Stabilisation Manager will announce through the internet pages of the Company the undertaking of the corresponding Over-Allotment activities with a view to conducting the Share Price Stabilisation Program.

In the public offering were thus sold 2,800,000 Allocated Offer Shares and 400,000 Offer Shares for Over-Allotment Option, which means that the investors in all offerings purchased altogether 3,200,000 shares of the Company at the Offer Price of HRK 65 for one share, whereby the proceeds were raised in the amount of 208 million HRK. These proceeds shall be fully paid by the Selling Shareholder for 3,200,000 New Shares on 9 February 2015.

The Company intends to submit the application for the listing of Offer Shares and New Shares of the Company on the Official Market of Zagreb Stock Exchange on 10 February 2015 and expects that all shares will have been listed as of 12 February 2015 and that the trading in shares under the ticker TPNG-R-A will commence on the same day around 11:00 am.

Global Coordinator, Listing Agent and Stabilisation Manager is Interkapital vrijednosni papiri d.o.o. Joint Bookrunners are Interkapital vrijednosni papiri d.o.o. and Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.